Welcome! If you desire to be a part of the Kurumi community, we have two primary rules; 1). Be polite in all discussions, and 2). Don't do bad or illegal things.

If that sounds up you're alley, then you might be a great fit!

Kurumi has existed long before this specific forum, originally starting out as "Tsukikyo," a sub-group of another community sometime in 2007, and our members have pretty much been together ever since! We still go by our original name somtimes, but the name "Kurumi" came about because Megumi (founder) have the character Tokisaki Kurumi in her mind at the time of making the first forum and the name stuck. Next, our main focus has always been Anime/Manga, and while we only serve a community of ~20 users, it's quite a tight-knit place where all are accepted and (hopefully) understood too... because, in a way, we're all "outcasts". Additionally, with all that is going on in the world at this time, we wish for our tiny slice of the internet to focus on simple pleasures and positive thoughts, so any potential new/returning users should feel prepared to leave negative thoughts or discussion of serious matters at the door; we're just not the community for that type of purpose.

Important: Kurumi is invitation-only. Those whom are invited by a current & active user of the forum will be allowed to join. Please contact megumi@kurumimi.com for inquiries.